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Discover the latest advancements, innovations, and achievements at Co Print right here. In this section, we'll be sharing the stories behind our company, our successful projects.

RapidTCT 2023!
his year, Co Print 3D was excited to exhibit at booth #1517 at RapidTCT. After diligent preparations, we experienced our...
Co Print's Kickstarter Campaign Featured on Over 50 Tech and 3D Printing Sites Worldwide!
Co Print has made waves in the media this year. Our recent achievements and announcements were spotlighted on over 50...
Behind the Success of Co Print: A Story of Strong Collaborations
Starting a tech start-up comes with its fair share of challenges. Yet, with the right collaborations, these challenges can be...

Series II Updates

Stay updated with the latest on Co Print's new product line, 'Series II'. In this section, we share insights, enhancements, and the evolution of our latest innovations. Dive in to be the first to know what's new with Series II.

Co Print's New Product ChromaPad: Revolutionizing the 3D Printing World
3D printing fields continues to evolve so does our products. Co Print's new product ChromaPad is stepping in to offer...
It's Unbelievable But You Can Really 3D Print Up To 20 Colors With ChromaPad!
Introducing ChromaPad: the first 3D printer tablet designed for multi-color  printing.  Co Print has been working to improve and color ...
Exciting News from Co Print is Here Again!
You might recall, last week we hinted at a innovation we're spearheading in the 3D printing world with our 2nd...

Tips & Tricks

Discover the 'Tips & Tricks' at Co Print's blog for 3D printing enthusiasts. From beginners to experts, find techniques and strategies to optimize your 3D printing journey. Dive in and elevate your printing expertise.

Setting Up a 3D Printer Farm: Amplifying Capabilities with Co Print
 In the rapidly advancing domain of 3D printing, printer farms have emerged as a potent solution for scaling production.
Co Print for Individual Users: The Innovative Joy of Professional Multi-Color Printing at Home
3D printing technology opens its doors wide open to hobbyists beyond professionals. The Co Print's Multi-Filament Module takes the 3D...


Explore 3D printing basics with Co Print's 'Beginner Guides'. Designed for newcomers, our guides simplify the essentials. Start your 3D journey with confidence here.

The Ultimate Guides Of 3D Printer Filaments and Their Applications
As the popularity of 3D printing grows, so does the variety of filaments used. Especially with the capabilities of multi-filament...
Setting the Record Straight: Understanding Filament Waste in Multi-Color 3D Printing
In FDM technology, when creating multi-colored or multi-material 3D prints, the cleaning tower (also referred to as the Transition or...
Multi-Color and Multi-Filament 3D Printing Revolutionizes Education
The synergy between education and technological developments continues to redefine the boundaries of learning. 3D printing has emerged as a...

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