Co Print II Product Series: 20 Filaments, 300 mm/s Speed, and More!

Co Print II Product Series: 20 Filaments, 300 mm/s Speed, and More!

We believe that in the near future, 3D printers will overcome their limitations and become universally recognized and adopted across all industries. Instead of addressing the problems of just one brand or model, we aim to develop technologies that alleviate key challenges for all 3D printers. In doing so, we want to bring ourselves closer to the future we envision.


It is with great pride that we introduce the Co Print II product line, which epitomizes our expertise in multi-filament 3D printing and our innovative approach to overcoming industry challenges.


Consisting of the ChromaPad, ChromaHead, and CX-I Extruder, the series promises to radically solve the key challenges facing 3D printers in the market.


ChromaPad is essentially a Klipper-based 3D printer control pad, but its standout feature makes it the first product to enable multi-filament printing. Together with ChromaHead, we aim to perfect multi-filament printing and increase its speed to unprecedented levels. Our joint technology with Phaetus will make multi-material 3D printing a breeze. Besides the extruder, a seamless modular printing experience with up to 20 colors awaits you.

Control 8 Printers In a Single Panel

The ChromaSet Series Offers:

-Seamless Multi-Filament 3D Printing with up to 20 filaments.
-High speed 3D printing at 300 mm/s.
-Remote control of 8 different printers from a single panel.
-Improved compatibility for an entire ecosystem.


If you are reading this article, you share our passion for 3D printing and your interest in the innovations we bring. We look forward to exploring these features in more depth with our valued early adopters in future updates.

As we approach the product launch, your feedback and comments are invaluable.

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Welcome to the Future of Multi-Filament 3D Printing!

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