Exciting News from Co Print is Here Again!

Exciting News from Co Print is Here Again!

Hello again 3D printing enthusiast,

You might recall, last week we hinted at a innovation we're spearheading in the 3D printing world with our 2nd series products. Our mission? Fulfill the demand and introduce all 3D printer users to a next-gen printing experience.

And now, we're thrilled to present the first visuals of this incredible product!

🎉 Introducing the First Look at Chroma Set! 🎨

At Co Print, we're shaping the future of 3D printing. With our ChromaPad, ChromaHead, and CX-I extruder technologies, we're promising you a flawless printing experience. You can view the multicolored model produced by our upgraded Ender 3S1 printer right here.

Curious for more? Head over to our website now! You'll find all the details, videos, and other exciting information about the product there. We'll be updating our site regularly.

🤝 Collaborations and the Excitement of the Future!

Co Print X Phaetus Collaboration

But wait, there's more! Thanks to our strategic collaboration with Phateus, ChromaHead will be able to print flawlessly with all popular materials. We're turning the dream of multi-material printing into reality! And this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for announcements on other major collaborations coming soon.

For our early adopters, we'll be offering special perks on Kickstarter.

We hope our new product series excites you as much as it does us. Your feedback at this moment is invaluable to us!

Keep an eye on us in Kickstarter's upcoming section.

Don't miss out on the first-day offers, and your support is crucial for a fantastic launch. Welcome to the future of 3D printing!

We revealed our first update last week!
In case you just missed it, feel free to check our blog.

Warm regards, The Co Print Team

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