RapidTCT 2023!

RapidTCT 2023!

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Yazar Resmi
Fatih K. Duymaz Co Founder
This year, Co Print 3D was excited to exhibit at booth #1517 at RapidTCT.
After diligent preparations, we experienced our first-ever booth presentation in the American market and are proud to say it was a busy and fruitful event for us.

 One of the event's highlights was the unveiling of our fantastic new product, ChromaPad, for the first time to the audience and the market.

Rapid Exhibition

Meet the World’s First Multi-Filament Printing Pad

ChromaPad offers the capability to print from 8 different printers. Moreover, it will boost the speed of existing 3D printers by threefold. The device offers wireless control via tablet, phone, and tablet, ensuring a more advanced user experience. Just like our first product, the Multi-Filament Module, the ChromaPad will allow users to get 3D prints in 8 different colors.

Waitlist + Co Print Meme Set!

Our booth had surprises in store for our visitors. Over 300 attendees who joined the ChromaPad waitlist were gifted our special keychains and the Co Print Meme Set, which our team crafted exclusively for the fair.

Center of the 3D Printing Sector!

The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to closely witness the innovations in the world of 3D printing. We were fortunate to meet several key players in the 3D printing sector at our booth and garner their thoughts on our new products. Here are some:

Our favorite influencer, the renowned 3D Printing Nerd!

3D Printing Nerd


An insightful collaboration discussion with the CEO of Supplier of high-end core parts of 3D printers Phateus 3D!



The wonderful Eric, CEO of another great company in the Multi-Filament sector, Mosaic Palette!

Mosaic Manufacturing


The incredible duo from the U.S. 3D printer distributors:

 Roy from Ultimate 3D,


 and Nicholas Duncan and Maxim Boschert-Zielsdorf from Matterhackers!


Jason from LDO motors, the manufacturer of the motors we use!


The endearing and influential Josef Prusa, who has greatly contributed to the sector!

Josef Prusa 

 Our Kickstarter siblings, Yue and Vivian from 3D scanner manufacturer Revopoint!



Lastly, for those who couldn't be with us in Chicago, here's a virtual tour of our booth, presented by our Sales Manager, Ömer.

We, at Co Print, will continue to be present at fairs. A big thank you to the hundreds of invaluable members of the 3D printing community we couldn't list. See you in California for RapidTCT 2024!


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