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Revolutionize your 3D printing experience with Chroma Pad!

Introducing Co Print Chroma Pad, the remote control system that enables you to manage up to 8 3D printers and produce stunning multi-color prints using 8 different filaments.

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ChromaPad Product Specifications

Display Size: 7 Inch

Display Resolution: 1024x600

Display Type: IPS

Multi-Touch: Yes

Vibration Sensor: Yes

Package Dimensions: 240x170x75

Product Dimensions: 220x160x40

Weight: 620g

Rated Voltage: 12V

Internet Connection: Yes

Connection Type: Wireless

Wifi Standart: 802.11b/g/n

Software: Klipper

Rom: 32GB

Ram: 4GB

Soc Data Bus Width: 64bit

Microarchitecture: 4X 1.9 GHz ARM Cortex- A55

Processor: Amlogic S905X3

USB Port: 3X USB 2.0

Stepper Port: 5x 4 Pin Socket

Toolhead Port: 1x 24 Pin Socket

MMU Port: 1x Co Print Port

Vibration Sensor Port: 1x 6 Pin Socket

Ui Software: ChromaScreen

Meet ChromaPad

ChromaPad, the world's first multi-filament enabled Klipper-based 3D printing pad, is at the heart of ChromaSet. Control up to 8 printers remotely while giving them a boost in printing speed. Armed with a robust processor and exclusive ChromaScreen software.

A Giant Leap into The Future of 3D Printing

ChromaPad is the first 3D printer tablet designed for multi-color printing. It can manage both extruders and the printing head through slots on its back, supporting up to four filaments natively. Paired with the ChromaHead and its filament-cutting feature, it ensures high-quality, mistake-minimized prints. The built-in ChromaScreen software provides a user-friendly interface tailored for colorful printing. For larger projects, its capacity can be expanded to 20 colors using the "Extended Chroma Module (ECM)" USB connections. With its specialized processor, ChromaPad offers unparalleled printing speeds in the multi-color domain.

One Panel to Rule Them All

ChromaPad enhances management capabilities through simultaneous control of up to 8 printers from a unified panel, facilitated by its robust integrated processor. This centralized control functionality optimizes workflow efficiency, enabling streamlined handling of multiple printing tasks.

Normalizing Speed for Everyone

Take your 3D printing to the next level with ChromaPad. Equipped with an advanced processor, ChromaPad speeds up your printing for both single and multi-filament projects, pushing past the usual limits of 3D printing speed.

Compact in Size, Mighty in Performance

ChromaPad boasts a 7-inch capacitive display shielded by a robust protective glass against scratches and dust. Under the hood lies a powerful AmlogicS905X3 processor complemented by 4GB RAM, delivering a solid Antutu score of 75,000. Additionally, with 5G support, it ensures high-speed internet connectivity for a seamless printing experience.

Click and Go Setup Wizard

ChromaPad is compatible with printers that support Klipper software. Setting it up is a snap with the ChromaScreen Setup Wizard, designed for various printer models. This feature eliminates the usual complications linked to printer upgrades, making ChromaPad an easy plug-and-play enhancement.

Unveiling a Hub of Connectivity

ChromaPad is equipped with an array of ports including 3 USB ports, 5 stepper motor connections, and dedicated connection points for ChromaHead, MFM and the Input Shaper sensor. This rich collection of ports simplifies the integration of various auxiliary accessories like camera, input shaper, and ChromaHead, enabling you to fully unleash your printer's capabilities.

ChromaScreen Advanced Klipper Software

Developed by Co Print based on the Klipper Screen software, ChromaScreen has been meticulously designed, drawing insights from valuable user experiences and feedback. This distinctive software, equipped with unique features and structures, perfectly complements your printing journey. Combined with ChromaPad's powerful processor and compact design, it emerges as the highest-performing pad in the market for 3D printer users.

Bid Farewell to Radio Screens

The remote control feature of ChromaPad abolishes the boundaries of physical constraints, granting you the liberty to manage your projects from your phone, tablet, or PC. This elevated level of control refines your printing workflow, aligning it seamlessly with today’s mobile-centric work dynamics.

Redesigned User Interface

Navigate through user-experience-focused menus designed with high resolution and vibrant colors. Enhance your Klipper experience with model previews, user-defined macro options, and precision-focused algorithms. Real-time monitoring of your 3D printer with a camera and easy time-lapse shooting of your 3D prints are effortlessly facilitated.