For Klipper Printers

KCM Upgrade Set

KCM Set seamlessly integrates color printing into Klipper-based printers, providing the fastest and most advanced multi-filament printing capability.

Add new features to your 3D printer

Through the Klipper Chroma Module, you can add the ability to control 4 additional extruders, connect with ChromaHead, and use Input Shaper on your 3D printer.

Versatile Support for Different Applications

Unlock color printing and ChromaHead control features for your current 3D printer across a range of applications with KCM.

Third Party Pads

KCM can work on all Klipper-based pads and different brands in addition to ChromaPad.

Custom Setups

KCM works with Klipper setups created using Raspberry Pi and similar boards,  ensuring easy adaptation

Klipper Included

You can directly connect KCM to 3D printers already present within Klipper for immediate use.

Specification Overview

Place the KCM Set freely

Depending on your 3D printer and the setup you're using, you can position your KCM set as you wish. Whether on the desk or directly connected to the printer.

Contents of the KCM Set

You can examine the unique features of each product contained within the KCM set in detail.


Multi-Filament 3D Printing Toolhead 


Multi-Filament Module for klipper printers

CX-I Extruder x4

High Grip Extruder for Multi Filament Printing

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Let's learn about KCM

What products does the KCM Set include?

The KCM set includes 1x Klipper Chroma module, 1x ChromaHead printing head, and 4 extruders for achieving color printing. Additionally, the set includes cables for establishing the necessary connections.

What printers is KCM compatible with?

KCM is designed for printers that currently run on the Klipper operating system or DIY solutions built on platforms such as Raspberry Pi, which are set up with Klipper.

How many filament prints can I achieve with KCM?

Through the slots on KCM, it can control 4 filament feed motors and one direct drive motor. In addition, it supports ECM connection and, with 4 ECMs in total, allows for prints with up to 20 filaments.

Does KCM require an additional power connection?

For KCM to operate, it requires its own 24 Volt 5 Amp power adapter.