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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Multi-Filament Module work?

Co Print multi filament module replaces the extruder mechanism on your printer and makes this mechanism smart. Thanks to the selective roller inside, it can use 7 different filaments in a single printing process and allows you to print in color. Co Print is compatible with many printer models. Click here to see which printers are compatible.

Which printers are compatible with Multi-Filament Module?

Which slicing program is used for multi-color printing with Co Print?

You can use Prusa Slicer, an open source and very common software, to slice your 3D printing files and generate gcodes for color printing. You can open the color printing menu and paint your models by choosing the Expert mode from the modes.

What settings are used for multi-color printing with Multi-Filament Module?

We have prepared a .3MF file that contains the most stable settings specially prepared for Co-print. You can use this preset file for color printing by importing it into the prusa slicer program.

What should be the cleaning rates between color transitions?

The cleaning tower is crucial in preventing colors from mixing. The settings of the cleaning tower are configured through the Prusa Slicer program. To see the recommended settings and our related guide, please visit the related wiki page.

Where can I get downloadable parts?

We have prepared some common files you might need while working with Multi-Filament module. You can find those parts in Downloadable Parts.

How can I make 3D models suitable for color printing?

Please check our detailed preparement wiki page for this. You can check this page by clicking here.

Which filaments can Co Print Multi-Filament Module use?

Co Print Multi-Filament module offers its users to use 7 different filaments in a single print. Besides different colors, users can also use different materials. Those materials include PLA, ABS, PETG, Soluable, Wood, Copper and similar filaments which are not considered as soft filaments. 

What is Co Print App and what is it used for?

Co Print App is an application that enables the compatibility of your sliced prints using the Prusa Slicer application with Co Print. This application is available in both web and desktop versions. You can click here to access the web version or click here to download the desktop version.

What should be the E-Step value for the Multi-Filament Module?

First, heat the nozzle of your 3D printer up to 200 degrees. Remove the PTFE tip from the 7in1. Then cut the filament parallel to the surface of the PTFE. Extrude the filament 100mm using the Prepare>move>E axis menu.Cut the filament from the end point of the PTFE. Measure the protruding filament. The result is; You can calculate your E Step value by using the old "ESTEP value" x "100" divide"result" formula. You can repeat this process until you reach the correct result.

Where do you ship?

We ship all around the globe. Shipping duration and shipping costs differ depending on your delivery address. We deliver your products with express shipping. Note that, additional import taxes might occur depending on your region.

Please check our Resellers list in case you want to seek out the closer reseller to you. 

What is needed to become your reseller/distributor?

You’re very welcome to represent our products in your region. We need some spesific requirements for you to become our reseller. Those requirements change based on your active region and also our volume in this particular region. Please contact sales@coprint3d.com to discuss further.