Not for one

One for all

ChromaSet optimizes standart 3D printers, reducing print times, enabling multi-filament printing, and delivering an enhanced control experience.

Not for one

One for all

ChromaSet optimizes standart3D printers, reducing print times, enabling multi-filament printing, and delivering an enhanced control experience.

Discover The Features of ChromaHead

Discover ChromaHead, a pioneering toolhead and a flagship component of the ChromaSet, meticulously engineered to redefine the 3D printing landscape. A harmonious blend of robust mechanics and intelligent design, ChromaHead is your gateway of your printer to a realm of future 3d printing with delivering precision, compatibility, and unparalleled ease of use.

  • 300° High Temp

  • Filament Cutter

  • Multi Filament

  • Aluminum Frame

High flow & Temperature ChromaHotend

ChromaHotend is specifically designed for color printing, offering high flow rates for quick print jobs. Additionally, it features a 50W heating cartridge capable of reaching temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. Heat is concentrated only in the heating block, preventing it from spreading to other areas of the hotend, ensuring a stable printing experience.

Specially Designed Filament Cuter Module 

ChromaHead incorporates a high-torque specialized filament cutting module. This module cuts the end of the filament protruding from the print during color changes, ensuring stable color printing while preventing issues like clogging and jamming.

Unlocking Possibilities Print with 20 Different Filaments!

The 8in1 module on ChromaHead supports 4 direct inputs and 16 inputs through ECM (Extended Chroma Module), enabling a total of 20 filament printing

High-durability Aluminum Frame

The modules within ChromaHead are fixed to the aluminum frame located at the rear to prevent any vibrations or swaying during head movement.

Control Board of the 3D Printers

ChromaPad, the world's first multi-filament enabled Klipper-based 3D printing pad, is at the heart of ChromaSet. Control up to 8 printers remotely while giving them a boost in printing speed. Armed with a robust processor and exclusive ChromaScreen software.

  • Hardware

  • Easy Positioning

  • Ventilation Ducts

  • Connection Ports

  • UI Software

Compact Size High Performance

ChromaPad boasts a 7-inch capacitive display shielded by a robust protective glass against scratches and dust. Under the hood lies a powerful AmlogicS905X3 processor complemented by 2GB RAM, delivering a solid Antutu score of 75,000. Additionally, with 5G support, it ensures high-speed internet connectivity for a seamless printing experience.

Adjust Your View with ChromaPad's Degree-Specific Stand

ChromaPad can be positioned on the table at different angles thanks to its adjustable rear leg. The leg structure, which can be adjusted up to 70 degrees, enhances the user experience.

The Coolest Tablet Yet: Powered by Advanced Cooling Technology

The air grilles of ChromaPad attract attention with an aggressive look. These grilles, through the fan system inside the tablet, expel hot air outside, effectively cooling the internal components.

The connection ports located on ChromaPad

On the right side of ChromaPad, there are 3 USB ports available. These ports can be used to connect systems like 3D printers and Input Shaper. At the rear, there is one ChromaHead socket enabling toolhead control, while 4 extruder slots are provided to manage extruders. On the left side of the tablet, there is a power button and a power slot.

ChromaScreen: User-friendly Multi-Color Printing Interface

ChromaScreen is the interface software for ChromaPad. With this interface software, you can print using specially designed interfaces for color printing functions, and you can also perform multiple printer and extruder controls. You can easily perform Klipper installations using the setup wizard.

Control Board of the 3D Printers

The CX-1 Extruder in the Co Print Series II lineup offers rapid and colorful 3D printing. With titanium gears and a dual drive system, it ensures strong grip and thrust for smooth filament movement. Its side-mounted filament release lever adds convenience for easy loading and swapping. Additionally, it's compatible with a wide range of printers, facilitated by special adapters for different models, making integration effortless.

  • Hardware

  • Plug Part

  • Easy to Use

  • Placement

Compact Size High Performance

The CX-I Extruder has a special tooth design on its gears, giving it a better grip on the filament. This means a steady and fast push of filament towards the hotend. Plus, with a 3X power boost from its enhanced stepper motor, the CX-I Extruder delivers outstanding torque for excellent performance

Compact Size High Performance

 CX-1 Extruder shines with its universal fit, featuring specialized connection adapters that embrace a vast range of printers and profiles. It’s more than just an extruder—it’s a seamless extension of your printing setup, ensuring effortless integration and operation.

As Stylish as it is Practical

With ChromaHead's long filament compression clamp structure, you can easily perform filament loading and replacement operations.

Free Placement

You can attach up to 4 CX-I extruders to the top of your printer using the mounting brackets. If more than 4 extruders are to be used, they can also be positioned on the table.