20 Filament Printing With ECM

ECM connects four additional extruders to the ChromaPad or KCM via the USB port, while also keeping the cables and extruders organized. Consequently, by utilizing multiple ECMs, printing with up to 20 different materials becomes possible.

20 Filament Printing With ECM

The ECM module adds five more extruders to the ChromaPad via the USB port. It also keeps the cables and extruders organized together. As a result, by using multiple ECMs, it becomes possible to print in up to 20 different materials

How does the ECM module work?

ECM stands for Extended Chroma Module, designed to enhance your ChromaSet or KCM Set by adding control for 4 additional extruder motors. By connecting the ECM to your set using a Type-C connection, you can attach 4 extruder motors to the ECM. Thus, our set, which comes standard with control for 4 extruders, can manage 8 extruders with one ECM, allowing you to print with 8 different filaments.

It is possible to use more than one ECM with ChromaSet and KCM. Consequently, our sets can control up to a total of 20 extruders, enabling the creation of colorful prints by utilizing 20 different materials in the same print.

ChromaSet can control 4 ECM's simultaneously!

You can achieve color printing by simultaneously controlling 20 different extruders with 4 ECMs using the USB ports on KCM and Chromaset, either directly or through a USB hub.

ECM is now available for pre-order!

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