For Standart Printers

Co Print Chroma Set

ChromaSet optimizes standart3D printers, reducing print times, enabling multi-filament printing, and delivering an enhanced control experience.

What's Inside of Chromaset

ChromaSet includes a control panel for 3D printers with customized software called ChromaPad. Additionally, it features ChromaHead, designed specifically for stable, fast, and colorful printing, equipped with a cutting mechanism. It also comes with 4 extruders for color printing.

Control Board of The Printer

ChromaPad, its 5x extruder inputs, 1x chromahead, and 1x MFM, along with an additional 3x USB slots, provide extensive control capabilities.

Note: When using ChromaHead, it includes 1 extruder specifically for direct drive, allowing for the use of 4 slots for color printing

Specification Overview

Frequently asked questions

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What products does the ChromaSet include?

The ChromaSet set includes 1x ChromaPad, 1x ChromaHead printing head, and 4 extruders for achieving color printing. Additionally, the set includes cables for establishing the necessary connections.

What printers is ChromaPad compatible with?

ChromaPad designed for standart non Klipper printers. 

How many filament prints can I achieve with ChromaPad?

Through the slots on ChromaPad, it can control 4 filament feed motors and one direct drive motor. In addition, it supports ECM connection and, with 4 ECMs in total, allows for prints with up to 20 filaments.