Experiencing the World of 3D Printing: A Year to Remember

This year has been an unforgettable year for Co Print in terms of exhibitions. We participated in the world's most influential exhibits in different cities and countries.
In fact, it was a great experience for us to participate in Rapid+TCT, North America's largest and most influential Additive Manufacturing event. We have an article we have written in detail on this subject, you can definitely take a look at it.

Without further ado, let's start to tell you which exhibitions we participated in this year and future plans.

🚀 Global Footprint: Co Print in the Spotlight 

Venturing out to 15 expos, our brand presence was deeply felt from Las Vegas to Istanbul. The cities of 🇺🇸Las Vegas, Chicago, NY, 🇬🇧London, Birmingham, 🇩🇪Frankfurt, 🇮🇹Rome, 🇦🇿Baku, and 🇹🇷Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara have witnessed our innovation up close and personal.

🌍 Youth Power: Our Energetic Team's Journey

With our dynamic team averaging just 24 years, Co Print became a symbol of youth-powered innovation across six different countries. This allowed us to establish significant connections, numbering over 1000 individuals. Our youth-centric approach not only facilitates creativity but instills a relentless spirit of perseverance.

Triumph Amidst Challenges

Despite the rigorous schedules and multiple expos, we never lost sight of our core - innovation. In the midst of our global outreach, we've advanced R&D for three new products, secured a groundbreaking 1M$ investment, and expanded our passionate team.

Learning from the Titans: Notable Mentions and Gains

This year was more than just showcasing; it was a learning curve. Participating in renowned expos like CES and Rapid+TCT granted us the unparalleled chance to converse with industry leaders, well known influencers, and distributors on a global scale. This proximity to global companies has been instrumental in honing our vision, aspirations, and aligning our trajectory towards becoming a leading tech entity.

The Youthful Hustle: Ups, Downs, and Everything in Between

The challenges that come with being a young team also bring out the best in us. Whether it was setting up our stalls with minimal equipment, carrying heavy cargo, or the patient waits for public transit, every experience made us resilient. Each interaction, whether with a veteran or a newbie, added to our repository of knowledge, shaping our approach and delivery.

Making Waves: Innovations That Matter

Our journey has not just been about participation, but meaningful contributions to the 3D printing world. As we prepare for our Kickstarter campaign, we are thrilled about introducing three of our pioneering technologies that promise to redefine the current landscape of 3D printing.

Looking Ahead: Co Print's Upcoming Showcases

Our momentum doesn't stop here. As we look to the future, our participation in FormNext 2023 and CES 2024 stand as testaments to our dedication. The prospect of engaging with our esteemed global community at these events is exhilarating.

An Unwavering Commitment

Our mission remains unwavering: wherever there's a mention of 3D printing technology, Co Print aims to be there, driving change, influencing innovations, and aspiring to ascend to the zenith of global tech enterprises.

We would love to meet you in the new projects and fairs we will participate in, for this you can contact us from the contact us section. 

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