Production of EVbee EV70P Electric Vehicle Charging Station Prototype with Multi-Color 3D Printing

Production of EVbee EV70P Electric Vehicle Charging Station Prototype with Multi-Color 3D Printing

 With the continuous development of technology, electric vehicles have become an indispensable part of our lives. Alongside this change, the importance of electric vehicle charging stations is also increasing. The prototyping stage has a critical role in the design and production process of these stations. Our Co Print 3D printing device successfully produced a colorful prototype for EVbee's EV70P model.


Prototyping Advantages of 3D Printing

3D Colour Prototype of EVbee printed with Co Print Multi-Filament Module

3D printing technology has had a revolutionary effect in accelerating prototyping processes. More economical, faster and more flexible than traditional methods, even complex designs can be easily realised. In addition, obtaining a physical model provides an excellent way to test and rapidly refine the design.


The Prominent Advantages of Multi-Color 3D Printing

Color  3D printing makes product prototypes much more realistic. The EV70P prototype produced with Co Print shows how faithful the charging station is to its real-life appearance, with details clearly shown. The use of different colours allows individual components and features to be easily distinguished, so the design team can better understand the user experience and functionality.


Successful Production of the EVbee EV70P Prototype

The prototype for EVbee's EV70P shows how sophisticated and functional the design of the charging station is. Thanks to Co Print's color 3D printing capabilities, it is possible to see every detail, functional element and design aesthetic perfectly reflected in the prototype. 

Comments from Mr Ozan Celik, CEO of EVbee

Ozan Celik, CEO of EVbee, said the following about the EV70P prototype produced with Co Print: "We are very ambitious about the design and functionality of electric vehicle charging stations. Co Print's color 3D printing technology provided us with excellent realism and detail in the production of the prototype of our EV70P model. When I saw the quality of the prototype, I realized  once again that the potential of the technology is truly incredible. This kind of prototyping is a critical step towards ensuring that our product is flawless before it goes to market."

The result

For critical infrastructure projects such as electric vehicle charging stations, prototyping is a vital step for the success of the design. Our Co Print 3D printer not only streamlines this prototyping process but also enables us to achieve much more realistic, detailed and impressive results. Our work for EVbee's EV70P perfectly demonstrates the potential of this technology. 


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