Behind the Success of Co Print: A Story of Strong Collaborations

Behind the Success of Co Print: A Story of Strong Collaborations

Starting a tech start-up comes with its fair share of challenges. Yet, with the right collaborations, these challenges can be turned into milestones. At Co Print, we've thrived through our journey with the support of numerous collaborations. 

Early Stage

Since our global launch with Kickstarter, we've felt the backing of many firms. We've collaborated with global 3D printing giants like Creality, and marketing leaders like Jellop, to broaden the reach of our campaign. Throughout our production process, we've worked alongside various suppliers and have seen firsthand the invaluable support they offer. Additionally, we've formed partnerships in logistics and distribution with ShipEntegra, and in content creation with global news outlets and influencers.

Co Print and Phaetus


It has been an honor to contribute to young tech teams' products and to support their success in international competitions. With a team made of young talents, we were aware of the importance of the support of experienced leaders and from that perspective, we’ve backed and contributed to different technology teams from high schools and universities in their journeys. 

We're grateful to the over 4000 investors who believed in our vision and crowdfunded our enterprise, and a special thank you to Haluk Bayraktar, the CEO of Baykar.



Commercial Stage

As a hardware start-up, it is crucial to emphasize the value of finding good partners when producing a product that caters to a global audience and involves complex logistics in the initial stages. At this point, the support shown by industry-leading resellers and distributors for our product has further fueled our ambition and belief in growth.

Co Print 3D Printing Technologies 🤝

Co Print 3D 🤝

In this regard, I would like to express my gratitude to Robotistan, Robolink Teknoloji, and 3DTeknomarket, our first local representatives, who have demonstrated their faith in Co Print.  Furthermore, I would like to extend my thanks to 3DPrima, our representative in Europe, whose ongoing support has significantly contributed to our continuous expansion. 

Co Print 🤝 RoboLink

Co Print 🤝 RoboLink

 As Co Print, our collaborations have gone beyond the past quarter. Through our partnerships, we have contributed to the manufacturing infrastructure of more than 10 companies of various sizes, not only in terms of the Co Print products but also through the 3D printer training we provided, prototyping and printing services we offered, and our involvement as consultants in various collaborative endeavors. The milestones of becoming a comprehensive 3D printing company began to take shape alongside these partnerships.

What Awaits Us in the Future?

As Co Print, by continuing our valuable partnerships and collaborations that I briefly mentioned above, we will introduce our newest series of products to the market, sharing all the details soon. Ahead of us, there is a new Kickstarter campaign where collaborations play a vital role. Our partner, distributor, and reseller network, which grows and develops every day, will continue to expand, aligning with the growth of the value we bring to the industry.

ChromaPad | World’s First Multi-Filament 3D Printing Pad

Notify me on launch 🤩 


Utilizing newsletters, digital and print media, and corporate relationships in line with our plans, our ongoing collaborations, aimed at building long-term partnerships, will continue to flourish.

As we plan to introduce our new products to the market, we aim for a broader international distribution.

If you wish to join us and contribute to the global 3D printing community, please reach out:
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