Details of the Co Print Multi-Filament Module

Co Print is a multi-filament module that enables all standart 3D printers to use seven filaments in a single print without modification.

Co Print allows you to use seven different material filaments that increase capacity of your 3D printer. With Co Print multi-material prints can be produced for multi purpose usages. 

Enter the world of Multi-Material 3D Printing!

What is the Co Print?

The Co Print Multi-color printing module is added as an add-on to standard printers and increases the printer's printing capability with 7 Colors. It works in harmony with Bowden printers and can be easily installed. Click to see the list of printers supported by our color printing module.

Co Print replaces your printer's extruder mechanism, making it smart. Thanks to the software on Co Print and the selective roller, the filament is changed automatically during printing. Co print does not establish any software connection with your 3D printer. Mechanical communication is provided with the help of a sensor attached to the X axis.

Co Print can be easily used with the open source slicing software Prusa Slicer. Co Print supports many different material types. These; PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, Soluble, Wood filaments. It becomes possible to use more than one material during a single print. With the color user interface of Co Print, you can easily print in color and make various adjustments during printing.

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Co Print campaigned on Kickstarter and won the Product We Love badge, which Kickstarter gives to very special products. He ran a successful kickstarter campaign.

Tom's Hardware, one of the world's most famous hardware sites, awarded the Co Print Color Printing module the most innovative product of the year.


Endless Creativity

Create your dream 3D Prints by using 7 different filaments in one print.


Minimalist Design

It doesn't take up much space with its small size and has an easy use with its innovative working system.


Smart Operation

Experience fast and reliable filament change with the new version of Co Print, which has successfully completed all tests.

Co Print multi-color printing

Industrial Applications

Produce your designs, tap your prototypes or develop multi-color and multi-material 3D printed tools and devices. Take advantage of multi-filament printing with Co Print


Produce your dream model as you dream with Co Print, or experience the pleasure of effortlessly producing what you want among hundreds of design files with many colors and materials on the internet.


While using 3D Printers for industrial purposes, increase the functionality of your 3D Printer with the advantage of Multi-Color and Material 3D Printing provided by Co Print, and experience the next generation production technology in your business.


With Co Print, we can provide a multitude of colors and materials for 3D Printing, increasing children’s interest in an emerging technology and helping them progress towards becoming engineers, artists or designers.


Multi-Material 3D Print

Expand your production range with Co Print. Produce functional designs by combining filaments with different material properties.

Recommended Printers By Co Print

Co Print is compatible with most bowden printers on the market. You may need to use special parts for Direct drive Printers. You can see the recommended printers in the list below.
Brand Printers Extruder Mechanism Compability
Creality Ender 3 Pro Bowden Yes
Creality Ender 3-V2 Bowden Yes
Creality Ender 5 Plus Bowden Yes
Creality CR6SE Bowden Yes
Creality CR10/PLUS/SMART/MAX Bowden Yes
Anycubic I3 Mega S Bowden Yes
Anycubic Vyper Bowden Yes
Anycubic Chiron Bowden Yes
Anycubic Mega X Bowden Yes
Artilerry Sidewinder X Direct Drive - Part Recommended Yes
Two Trees Bluer Bowden Yes
Two Trees Shappire Plus Bowden Yes
Biqu B1 Bowden Yes
Biqu B1 SE Bowden Yes
Tronxy XY-3 Bowden Yes
Tronxy XY-2 Bowden Yes
Prusa MK-3 / MK-3 S Direct Drive - Part Required Yes
Prusa MK-2 Direct Drive - Part Required Yes