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What is the working principle of Co Print?

Co Print is a multi-filament 3D printing module.
Co Print replaces the extruder mechanism of your 3D printer and gives your 3D printer automatic filament changing capability. There are 7 filament input slots on Co Print. Filaments entering from this slot are advanced up to the 7in1 module. 7in1 module; It ensures that 7 filaments entering Co Print are passed according to the selected filament from a single pipe entering the hotent of your machine.

How does Co Print select and drive filaments?
The part called the selective cylinder on Co Print is controlled by the Co Print software with the help of a motor. The roller rotates over the filament slot to be driven and compresses the filament in that slot between the bearing and the mk8 gear. The compressed filament is driven normally by the motor driver of your 3D printer. Co Print detects when it's time to change color with the limit switch attached to the X axis. When the switch is pressed, the selective roller will hold and drive the next filament defined in the Co Print SD card. The system generally works like this.

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