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Excellent Structure
Fills the layers of all 3D models, resulting in a smooth surface finish.

Ultra Durability
Fills the pores on the part and creates flexibility and impact-resistant structure for the models.

Powerful Adhesive
Bonds the parts adhere smoothly in a way that is difficult to separate again.

Innovative Resolution
The most functional and innovative product on the market for all finishing processes.

Various Material
Compatible with most commonly used materials such as PLA,ABS & PETG

Least Effort
Instead of products such as sandpaper and putty Smoot provides a great saving of time, cost and labor to the users.

Easy to Use
Easily applied with different methods.

Endless Creativity
Your only limit is your imagination.

Economical Finishing
One bottle can be applied to dozens of models.

Safety first.

Fastest Hardening
Hardens quickly in 15 minutes.

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Smoot bonds models stronger than standard 3D printing adhesives.


Strong Bonding

Smoot increases the tensile strength of the applied model.


More Strong Parts

Captain America

Co Print Marble PLA Plus and Smoot

<center><span style="color:white;">Captain America</span></center>

Flash Bust

Co Print White PLA Plus and Smoot

<center><span style="color:white;">Flash Bust</span></center>

Anubis Bust

Co Print Marble PLA Filament and Smoot

<center><span style="color:white;">Anubis Bust</span></center>

Finish your 3D printed model with Smoot!

Produced with 0.4 nozzle using PLA filament.

smootsuzkirmizi smootluhali

Produced with 1.0 nozzle using ABS filament.

ezgif.com-gif-maker-4 ezgif.com-gif-maker-5

Produced using 6 filaments with the Co Print Multi-Filament module.

Baykuş Smootlu Baykuş smootlu

Produced with 1.0 nozzle using PLA filament.

smootsuz tavsan ezgif.com-gif-maker-7

How Can I Use Smoot?

Easy Steps For

Brush - Dipping - Pour Over