How to Start Colorful Printing?

Gcode Editing app

  1. The design files are extracted from the slicer application as a .gcode file. These .gcode files contain all the commands during the production of the 3D printer.

  2. In order to print in color with Co Print, .gcode files must be edited. In this way, at the time of filament change, the print tip of the 3D printer can touch the placed limit switch and wait for a short time during filament change.

  3. In addition, the order of the filaments to be used during printing is also obtained from the edited .gcode file and saved as a new file to be loaded into Co Print.

  4. Co Print Gcode Editing Application has been created in order to perform all these operations. You will be able to easily make the final adjustments before Color Printing by obtaining this application from the SD Card that we will send with Co Print.