How Does It Work?

Automatic Filament Change

  1. Co Print starts working after the created print files are loaded.

  2. The filament to be used at the beginning is advanced to the hotend. The other filaments are at the level of the part where the 7 filaments meet.

  3. is also kept. When the 3D printer starts printing, it starts printing in Co Print. Thanks to the file loaded into Co Print, the first used filament is selected for advancement when printing is started.

  4. When the filament change time comes, after the used filament is withdrawn, the 3D printer touches the Limit Switch, allowing Co Print to select the next filament and that filament is advanced to the print tip. These processes repeat until the end of printing, and multi-color printing is performed with a normal 3D printer without any problems. You can see the steps in more detail in the video below.